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Access Standards pack £400

BurdusCAD catalogue of AutoCAD.dwg drawing files keep you at the cutting edge of inclusive design. Includes 100+ ADM and BS8300 compliant drawings and free BurdusCAD typical .dwg templates for light-weight, manual and power wheelchairs.

Cut, paste, amend in your own drawings to save vauable CAD techician time and check for ADM & BS300 compliance.

All drawings are to scale with much improved detail than ADM and BS8300 diagrams.

Telephone 01434 633203 or e mail david@burdus.com to order.

Horizontal vision panels


Vet or improve your own drawngs using BurdusCAD's 100+ ADM and BS8300 .drg templates.

BurdusCAD helps you show your approach to inclusive design as part of your Equality and Disability Discrimination Acts compliance records.

Looking for an alternative to the ADM standard? Burdus can help. Eg, a series of horizontal vision panels may be a suitable alternative to the single vertical vision panel usually required by Building Control. Burdus carried out a CAD based 'horizontal' vision panel study to demonstrate increased panel area and greater lateral cones of vision. The Burdus alternative vision panel was accepted by Newcaslte City Council for the Seven Stories project and by Sheffield CIty Council for the Sheffield Crucible Theatre.


E mail Burdus your AutoCAD project plans and we will 'health check' and electronically mark up your designs for ADM and/or BS8300 compliance.

Alternative layouts, written reports and statments based on AutoCAD drawings can also be commissioned.

This type of exercise is helpful at RIBA Stage C/D and ideal to inform planning applications, building regulations approvals and Arts Council Lottery and Heritage Lottery Fund Applicaitons.

Telephone 01434 633203 or e mail david@burdus.com to arrange a quotation.

Burdus will draw you a bespoke 'disability' or access based template. This might be a room layout or an ergonomically accurate individual and/or their mobility equipment or auxliary aid.

This will ensure designs optimise accessiblity and standards compliance.

Also useful for 'expert opinion' for designs specific to individuals including alterations to premises for employee access and egress.

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